If we get lost we'll follow old train tracks

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Detox to Retox theme by Marg

@Rodriguez: One more day until Sin City 2. Check out Lady Gaga as Bertha.

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Dale Edwin Murray

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Come find me

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Starlight Matterhorn | WAV


Some relatively quick job I did to practice urban atmospheres (although I ended up polishing it for a couple more hours than I intended) and cityscapes in general. Also a slight cyberpunk vibe, which is not really surprising, coming from me.

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It is essential to happiness that our way of living should spring from our own deep impulses and not from the accidental tastes and desires of those who happen to be our neighbors, or even our relations.

— Bertrand Russell (via observando)

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By Antonio Rodrigues Jr


Spice Girls - Too Much

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"No such fucking word as knifes."

"Oh, no? Well then what does Tony do to Bernardo in West Side Story? I’ll tell you what, he knifes him."

Orange Is the New Black 
Jenji Kohan